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The goal of the Mentoring, Education and Training (MET) Program is to provide a foundation for the success of junior faculty members (mentee), up to Assistant Professor, at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. Mentors include tenured/full clinical and research scholars. Our Mentors have the ability to contribute significantly to the development of their mentees’ research, teaching and clinical skills, particularly with respect to career satisfaction, career management and networking opportunities. The purpose of the MET Program is to transition, assist and propel junior members and promote the advancement and retention of the mentees into our next generation of cancer focused academic physicians and research leaders.

All cancer center members are encouraged to participate in the cancer center MET Program. Applications will open soon for the upcoming cycle. For more information, please contact Brian McClendon at 714-456-3628.

Benefits of Mentoring

   Benefits to a Mentee

  • You benefit from the experience interdisciplinary senior faculty cancer center members who can assist you in the transition to achieving academic success.
  • You receive advice on how to set professional priorities.
  • You receive support and honest informal feedback.
  • You obtain knowledge of skills for showcasing one's own work.
  • You are provided a perspective on long-term career planning.
  • You increase communication about what is happening in other areas of the university and cancer center.

   Benefits to a Mentor

  • You have the opportunity to assist in the development and help shape the career of junior faculty by sharing your ideas, experiences, ethics, and professionalism. 
  • You can experience professional and personal growth.
  • You provide a valuable service to the institution and to the future of your discipline. 
  • You extend your network to other cancer researchers.

   Benefits to the Cancer Center

  • Improved academic success
  • Enhanced organizational culture
  • Enhanced organizational communication and networking