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Membership Application & Guidelines

Exerpt from the Cancer Center Support Grant guidelines (PAR-13-386):
“Selection of members for a Center’s Programs is one of the most critical decisions made by leadership. Functional and productive Programs select individuals for their scientific excellence and, just as importantly, for their commitment to work together to further the scientific goals of the Cancer Center. Some Program members may not hold peer-reviewed grants, but contribute to the research objectives of the Center in other important ways (e.g., development and implementation of Center’s clinical activity, including authorship of clinical protocols, accrual of patients on interventional trials, and leadership roles in NCI National Clinical Trials Network studies), and these contributions should be recognized.”

Membership Eligibility

Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC) membership is available to faculty at UCI or an affiliated university. To be considered, applicants must be eligible for principal investigator (PI) status on research proposals, have a predominant and productive interest in cancer or a related discipline, and be willing and able to contribute to CFCCC.

Membership Application

Program Alignment

Each member is aligned with one CFCCC Research Program, and as such applicants must indicate on the application which program best fits with their primary area of interest. Current programs are:

Membership Categories & Criteria

The Cancer Center has three levels of membership:

Program Member

A UC Irvine faculty member meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Has independent cancer-relevant peer-reviewed research (non-training) funding from the NIH/NCI or an NCI-recognized organization
  • Is a project leader on a qualifying cooperative grant (e.g. P01, SPORE)
  • Holds a Cancer Center senior leadership position
  • Is a key new cancer-relevant recruit to UCI and within the first three years of appointment (i.e., junior faculty)


A UC Irvine faculty member meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Is a clinical research leader as evidenced by having P.I. status on an interventional clinical trial or a peer-reviewed non-interventional trial
  • Holds a cancer-relevant career development award from the NIH (K-series award) or an NCI-recognized organization

Associate Member

A UC Irvine faculty member or researcher, or a faculty member of another institution who is not a member of another NCI-designated cancer center and who has a substantial collaboration with a CFCCC member(s), meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Directs a CFCCC Shared Resource
  • Contributes in a substantial way to cancer-related research, patient care, education, or community service but does not qualify as a Program Member or Member

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities to compete for internal funding awards
  • Opportunities for leadership positions
  • Priority access to CFCCC Shared Resources and core services
  • Integration into one of four multidisciplinary research programs
  • Integration into Disease-Oriented Teams (DOTs)
  • Invitations to scientific conferences, retreats, seminars, and symposia
  • Access to CFCCC-controlled office and research space
  • Access to dedicated staff in fundraising, marketing, communications, and business development

Duties of Membership

  • Maintain a focus on cancer research and/or care and collaborate with other CFCCC members
  • Acknowledge CFCCC membership, use of CFCCC facilities, and support from the core grant on research publications
  • Participate in the CFCCC community, e.g., attend Research Program or Disease-Oriented Team meetings, retreats, symposia, panels, committees, and CFCCC Grand Rounds
  • Submit in a timely and accurate manner, annual and special requests for updates on Research Progress, Other Support, Publications, Curriculum Vitae, and Biosketches
  • Willingness to help accrue patients to center-associated clinical trials where possible

Review of Membership

Initial Review

Applications are initially reviewed by the appropriate program leaders and, if approved, are forwarded to CFCCC senior leadership for final approval.

Ongoing Review

Every two years, the status of all members will be reviewed for reappointment. In addition to meeting the criteria, a member's reappointment review will also evaluate ongoing activities associated with membership objectives.

In particular, consideration will be given to collaborative activities with members of the center’s programs, attendance at membership meetings sponsored by the programs or by the center, participation in center research efforts, leadership in significant outside organizations engaged with cancer, participation in peer-review study sections or other demonstrations of interaction with the cancer program.

As a consequence of review, members may have their categorical membership changed or terminated.

Application Procedure

To apply for membership, an investigator must submit the following materials via email to Brian McClendon (bmcclend@uci.edu):

  • Completed CFCCC Membership Application
  • Current NIH Biosketch that includes in Section A (Personal Statement) a description of cancer-related research interests or area of contribution
  • A headshot photo for internal usage (tiff or jpeg, minimum resolution 150 dpi)

Each application will first be screened for eligibility by the CFCCC Administrative Unit before review by the respective Program Leaders and, subsequently, the Senior Leadership Council for final approval. Incomplete applications will be returned for completion before review. The membership review process takes three to four weeks.