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Chemical and Structural Biology Program (CSB)

The Program in Chemical and Structural Biology brings UCI’s considerable strengths in synthesis, biomolecular structure determination and biophysics to bear on cancer-related research problems. The program focuses on research into cancer-relevant molecules at the level of atoms and bonds using biophysical and chemical techniques, including both established and newly developed tools for cancer research. The CSB Program builds on strong programs in synthetic organic chemistry, chemical biology, NMR spectroscopy, computational biology, and X-ray crystallography, while connecting basic science researchers to relevant cancer-focused clinicians. For example, a number of faculty have long-standing, well-funded research projects in structure-based drug design, and have been inspired by discoveries taking place in other programs to pursue new cancer targets. The Program's core mission utilizes this broad-range of expertise in cancer-specific research projects.

 Tom Poulos, Ph.D., co-Leader of the CSB, holds the title of Chancellor's Professor with appointments in the Departments of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Chemistry. His current research focuses on protein crystallography, protein engineering and heme enzyme structure and function.
Weiss Gregory Weiss, Ph.D., co-Leader of the CSB, is a Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry.  His current research focuses on multi-dimensional combinatorial libraries to understand the emergence of drug resistance, membrane proteins to dissect cancer-associated proteins, and the biology-electronics interface to develop new sensors for cancer diagnostics.