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Cancer Prevention and Prognosis Program (CPP)

The Cancer Prevention and Prognosis (CPP) Research Program’s main scientific goal is to perform research that addresses the cancer continuum from etiology through survivorship.  Areas of research focus include the following: 1) etiology, investigating causes of cancer development in susceptible individuals; 2) prevention, testing previously known and new chemopreventive agents in high risk/susceptible populations; and 3) prognosis, discovering and validating biomarkers for early cancer detection, developing quantitative methods and quantifying risk factors for cancer development and prognosis, and performing research in comparative effectiveness, outcomes, and survivorship.


McLarenChristine McLaren, Ph.D., co-Leader of the CPP, is a Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Epidemiology.  Dr. McLaren has focused on statistical modeling research that provides insight into biological processes distinguishing between health and disease.






Dan MercolaDan Mercola, M.D., co-Leader of the CPP,  is a Professor of Pathology and directs the Laboratory of Translational Cancer Biology.  In addition, Dr. Mercola is P.I. for the NCI UCI EDRN (Early Detection Research Network) UO1 consortium of which UC Irvine is a designated “Biomarker Discovery Laboratory”.  Dr. Mercola is employing gene expression array-based methods to develop gene profiles for prognosis and treatment in prostate cancer in cooperation with the consortium and participating biotechnology enterprises.

McClellandMichael McClelland, Ph.D.,
the CPP Working Group Leader, is assisting the Cancer Prevention and Prognosis Research Program in the areas of etiology, cancer genomics, and personalized medicine, a prostate cancer disease oriented team, and the expansion of the biorepository.