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DEC 12Christine E. McLaren, PhD, Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who


MAY 07Dr. Daniel Gillen, UC Irvine professor, presents "Characterizing Transitive Two-Sample Tests."
MAR 05Dr. Robb Kass, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, presents "Examples of Bayesian Statistical Thinking in Neuroscience."
JAN 22Dr. Thomas Taylor, Principal Statistician with the BSR, has collaborated with Drs. Jason Zell, Michael Stamos, and others on a report entitled Colorectal Cancer Incidence Among Young Adults in California. A press release from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers noted that the researchers had found that the incidence of colorectal cancers increased among young adults with implications for future screening in that group.


DEC 11Dr. Luohua Jiang, UC Irvine assistant professor, presents "Evaluating Community-Based Translational Interventions Using Historical Controls: Propensity Score vs. Disease Risk Score Approach."
OCT 09Dr. Trina M. Norden-Krichmar, Research Associate at The Scripps Research Institute. La Jolla, CA, presents "Exome sequencing of pooled DNA to detect genetic variants associated with health and disease."
MAY 08Steven Kim, PhD Candidate in Dept. of Statistics, presents "Balancing Individual- and Population-Level Ethics in Phase I Clinical Trials."
MAR 13Lu Bai, PhD Candidate in Dept. of Statistics, presents "Analysis Of Survival Times Among California Ovarian Cancer Patients Using Generalized Additive Cox Regression."
FEB 13Richard Ahn, PhD Candidate in Dept. of Epidemiology, presents "An Evaluation of GWAS Meta-analysis Methods."


NOV 14Thomas H. Taylor, UC Irvine principal statistician, presents "The Receiver Operating Characteristic Offers a More Defensible Choice of Risk of Type-1 Error in Chemoprevention Trials of Non-Toxic Agents, Relative to P < .05."
SEPT 12Danh V. Nguyen, PhD, presents "Estimation and Inference Under Misspecification of the Optimal Risk Period in the Self-Controlled Case Series Method with Applications to Vaccine Safety Studies."
MAY 09Thomas H. Taylor, UC Irvine principal statistician, presents "Cancer Risk in the Radiation Field Following Loco-Regional Rectal Cancer."
APR 11Tracy Holsclaw, PhD, UC Irvine postdoctoral scholar, presents "Quantifying the association between longitudinal changes in serum albumin and mortality via a Gaussian process model."
FEB 14Steven Kim, UC Irvine graduate student at Department of Statistics, presents, "Dose-finding methods for balancing individual and population-level ethics in Phase I clinical trial for Alzheimer’s Disease."


DEC 06Verónica Vieira, DSc, presents "Use of Generalized Additive Models for Spatial Analysis of Epidemiologic Data."
NOV 08Argyrios Ziogas, PhD, presents "Lifetime-risk estimates from biased samples in diseases with variable age-at-onset."
OCT 11Dr. Michael Phelan, UC Irvine statistician, presents "Statistical designs for 3D-tissue microarrays with applications to the tumor microenvironment for colon cancer."
SEP 13Bo Zhou, UC Irvine graduate student at Department of Statistics, presents, "A hierarchical modeling approach to data analysis and study design in a multi-site experimental fMRI study."
JUN 07Dr. Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia, UC Irvine Project Scientist, presents, "Expression changes in stroma of prostate cancer predict subsequent relapse."
MAY 17Dr. Lyle Gurrin, Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics at University of Melbourne, presents, "Estimation of Between- and Within-Pair Regression Effects in Logistic Regression with Shared Measurement Error."
APR 12Dr. Chad Garner, UC Irvine associate professor, presents, "Confounded by Sequencing Depth in Association Studies of Rare Alleles"
MAR 08Dr. David Timberlake, UC Irvine assistant professor, presents, "The Future of Harm Reduction in Tobacco Control."
JAN 05Wen-Pin Chen, UC Irvine statistician at Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, presents, "Building a Database by Using REDCap System."


OCT 27Dr. Christine McLaren, Department of Epidemiology, UC Irvine, presents "Statistical Mixture Models in Hematology."
SEP 08Michael Phelan, UC Irvine statistician, presents "Prevention of Non-melanoma Skin Cancer by Pterostilbene."
JUL 22BSR statisticians co-author manuscript demonstrating that in vivo optical imaging can detect early response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy.