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Sunday is National Cancer Survivor’s Day.  According to the National Cancer Institute, “An individual is considered a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis, through the balance of his or her life. Family members, friends, and caregivers are also impacted by the survivorship experience and are therefore included in this definition.” (Adapted from the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship)
UC Irvine’s Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center’s physician oncologists, nurses and support staff provide support to our patients and their families for a positive journey to successful disease management and outcome. At UC Irvine, we continue to celebrate each patient’s journey as they survive their disease and for this, we celebrate all cancer survivors.
Please visit the National Cancer Institute’s site  for more information and review their encouraging facts: 

  • As of January 2012, it is estimated that there are 13.7 million cancer survivors in the United States. This represents approximately 4% of the population.
  • Sixty-four percent of survivors have survived 5 years or more; 40% have survived 10 years or more; and 15% have survived 20 years or more after diagnosis.
  • 59% of survivors are currently 65 years of age and older.
  • Among today’s survivors, the most common cancer sites represented include female breast (22%), prostate (20%), colorectal (9%) and gynecologic (8%).
  • The number of cancer survivors is projected to increase by 31%, to almost 18 million, by 2022, which represents an increase of more than 4 million survivors in 10 years.
  • Over the next decade, the number of people who have lived 5 years or more after their cancer diagnosis is projected to increase approximately 37%, to 11.9 million. (excerpt from the National Cancer Institute webpage).

Sheldon Greenfield, MD     
Cancer Center Interim Director
Donald Bren Professor of Medicine
Executive Co-Director,
Health Policy Research Institute
University of California, Irvine