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September 14

Music for the Mind:  The Art & Music of Ostad Elahi

The Art and Music of Ostad Elahi flyer

While the therapeutic benefits of music have long been explored, only recently have advances in neuroscience led to a better understanding of the profound effects of music on the brain. Ethnomusicologists and neuroscientists have begun to study the benefits of adapting certain kinds of music into auditory programs that can elevate mood and enhance cognitive states. One such program is the highly successful Music for the Mind series, set to the intricate music of Ostad Elahi, a virtuoso of the Kurdish lute called tanbour.

Dr. Frank L. Meyskens, Jr., Director Emeritus, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, will introduce the panel discussion that includes: Alex Doman, Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Dr. Emmanuel During, and Tim Ringgold.  There will also be a special musical performance and demonstration on the tanbour by Dr. Emmanuel During, a world-class musician and composer with a unique cross-cultural background in Eastern and Western music. Dr. During will demonstrate the original techniques developed by Ostad Elahi, on the tanbour, which will be accompanied by the powerful Kurdish frame drum or daf by Poorya Forghani.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Meyskens Patient Care Fund of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is used for non-medical expenses.