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The Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC) Clinical Research Education and Awareness Week was held March 19 – March 23, 2012, at the UC Irvine Medical Center.  This week of events celebrated the efforts of patients, staff, researchers and clinicians that participate in clinical research at the CFCCC and promoted awareness of cancer research in the UC Irvine community.

Throughout the week CFCCC staff, researchers and clinicians wore “Fight Cancer with Research!” buttons and clinical research fact sheets were available in lobby at the Cancer Center.  The intention was to raise awareness of clinical trials throughout the UC Irvine Medical Center and the community.  A primary focus was to encourage dialog between staff and patients about clinical research and to provide patient resources on how to volunteer for a clinical trial at the CFCCC.

While clinical trials remain the only way to effectively test potential new medications in people, fewer than 5 percent of adult cancer patients participate, according to the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).  However, 75 percent of patients say that they would be willing to enroll if they knew clinical trials were available to them.  “Clinical research provides access to advanced patient care that otherwise would not be available,” said Dr. Frank Meyskens, Director of the NCI designated Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.  “This access to new and cutting-edge treatments and cancer prevention options can result in improved care and better outcomes for patients and the community.”  The Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center strives to increase the public’s awareness of this resource not only during this week of events but throughout the year.

Some of the events held during Clinical Research Education and Awareness Week were:

March 19-23:    Individual Unit Celebrations
                        Clinical Trials Patient Appreciation

March 19:    Clinical Trials Team Acknowledgements   

March 20:    Disease Oriented Team Awareness

March 21:    Ground Breaking Clinical Trials Awareness

March 22:    Patient Testimonials

March 23:    Michael Hudson Caregiver of the Year Award
                   2011 Award Winner:    Gema De La Cruz

                  Celebration of Clinical Research accomplishments in 2011
                  Awards:        NCI Clinician Awards, Top Accrual Awards, Friends of Research Awards and
                                      the Chao Champion of the Year Award