Clinical Trials for Treatment: Other

9 Open Trials. Phone:(877.827.8839)
Protocol No. Title Status
UCI-11-16 [DATABASE REVIEW] Data Linkage Study of Ship Yard Workers to Monitor Health Outcomes Open
UCI-14-25 Plasma Exosome Concentration in Cancer Patients Undergoing Treatment Open
UCI-14-89 [BIOREPOSITORY] Hematologic Malignancies Biorepository for human research Open
UCI-15-20 A Pilot Study to Establish Proof-of-Concept that Patient-Specific Tumor Tissue Can Be Maintained in the Novel Tumor-on-a-Chip Model Open
UCI-16-01 Pathway Analyses for Individualized Network Therapeutics for Cancer (PAINT Cancer) Open
UCI-16-02 Breast and Cervical Cancer Survivorship in Zambia: Quality of Life, Social Support, and the Role of HIV/AIDS Open
UCI-17-111 A Phase III, Randomized, Single Dose, Open-Label Study to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of OTL38 Injection (OTL38) for Intra-operative Imaging of Folate Receptor Positive Ovarian Cancer Open
UCI-18-98 Right to Try Use of ERC1671 to Treat Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Open
UCI-98-41 Outcomes and Assessment of Prostate Cancer at UCIMC Open